Empower Your Service Organization with Smarter Knowledge

Organizations are facing a growing number of challenges, including the increasing complexity of equipment, the rise of 3rd party workers and the expanding skills gap. More than ever, lack of unified knowledge results in repeat visits, extended downtime and unhappy customers.   

SmartDocs from AnswersAnywhere breaks down departmental silos to transform, mobilize and deliver all the servicing and installation information that field service engineers and support staff need to provide excellent service and exceed customer expectations. Our knowledge experts work with the organization to create a curated, mobile “single source of truth” that is available via browser and Windows 10, Apple iOS and Android applications.

The Benefits of SmartDocs:

Knowledge at Your Fingertips

Eliminate knowledge silos and ensure engineers always have access to relevant and company-approved parts and servicing information.

Bridge the Skills Gap

Empower new hires and 3rd party workers with the knowledge necessary for fast and successful resolution.

Drive Asset Uptime

Decrease asset downtime by reducing time spent searching through multiple sources of information in various formats.

A Single Source of Truth for Field Service Organizations

  • Online/offline access means the information your engineers need is always at their fingertips… no matter what the connectivity.

  • Powerful search features like voice recognition, predictive text and barcode scanning allow users to find information in a matter of seconds.

  • Audience segmentation gives organizations control over who has access to information, while Data Insights delivers real-time analytics directly from the field.

  • Our knowledge experts keep SmartDocs updated to ensure users have access to the most up-to-date and accurate information available.

The Perfect Outsourcing Solution

Unlike other solutions which place the burden of creating, publishing and distributing a technical documentation on the organization, SmartDocs does the difficult work for you. Using , AnswersAnywhere’s knowledge experts create, deploy and continuously update your catalog for you. 

This means your company can keep focusing on what you do best – manufacturing and maintaining the solutions that your customers depend on.

Integrate to Create a Seamless Solution

As with all AnswersAnywhere solutions, SmartDocs integrates with leading field service management providers, including ServiceMax and Salesforce Field Service. Engineers can access relevant technical information, knowledge articles and parts data from within the FSM system. 

Integrating SmartDocs helps companies gain a competitive advantage in their digital transformation by increasing efficiency and eliminating room for error. 

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