AnswersAnywhere Knowledge-as-a-Service

AnswersAnywhere makes mobilizing technical knowledge fast, easy and cost-effective. In many field service organizations, important servicing and technical information is locked up in corporate silos, making it difficult for technicians to access it while in the field.

Using a unique combination of People, Process and Technology, AnswersAnywhere identifies and captures this disparate data to create a mobile knowledge base, giving technicians access to the critical knowledge they need when they need it most.


Discovery Workshop

Initiating a knowledge base project is a formidable and time-consuming task for any corporation. This is why we’ve created The Discovery Workshop, a cost-effective consulting engagement that includes identifying, evaluating and organizing all of the knowledge trapped in disparate formats and corporate silos within your organization.

The result is a comprehensive Discovery Report and fully functional AnswersAnywhere proof-of-concept technical knowledge base.

Field Service Management Integrations

AnswersAnywhere partners with many service management providers to deliver “a single source of truth” that provides field service engineers with access to all of the information and knowledge required for efficient and successful service calls.

Integrating AnswersAnywhere with your existing field service management software allows engineers to quickly search through technical knowledge, identify and locate parts and pass that information back to the work order. The result is seamless automation of the field service process and access to a unified information source when onsite.