ServiceNow + AnswersAnywhere

Empowering Enterprise Field Service Management Customers with a Single Pane of Glass

ServiceNow’s Field Service Management is focused on making integrated, proactive and strategic field service possible. ServiceNow understands the ultimate goal of any field service solution is simply a better workflow to and from the field. This is why FSM integrates with Customer Service and IT Helpdesk, providing customers with end‑to‑end visibility from issue to resolution.

A CMS System that Makes ServiceNow Even More Powerful

By integrating AnswersAnywhere, ServiceNow has created a key differentiator for their field service management platform by creating a truly end-to-end solution across the entire enterprise. while also empower technicians with all the break/fix and servicing information they need to resolve service calls quickly, efficiently and profitably.

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Watch the Demo

The AnswersAnywhere integration unlocks hidden value within ServiceNow Field Service Management by giving technicians access to thousands of documents, images and part descriptions within the ServiceNow mobile application, both online and offline.

A powerful demonstration that ServiceNow and Infomill are working hard on CMS solutions to meet their customers’ demands for offline mobile functionality.

One of AnswersAnywhere’s most compelling value propositions is our ability to deliver knowledge to mobile devices in both online and offline modes. If a field service technician on site does not have Internet access, AnswersAnywhere can still deliver all the required knowledge. When the technician reconnects to the Internet and fires up ServiceNow, the neccessary info will be automatically updated.