Continuous Data Optimization Helps International Service Company Rise Above Competition


Knowledge Base Tools Benefit an International Service Company

An international service company with 7,000 engineers and nearly 1,000 electrical service engineers needs to ensure that the latest technical information is at hand for the appliances they service.

The company needs to help their engineers quickly identify replacement parts when on service visits. They also need access to technical information, such as pressure settings and fault finding as well as detailed servicing and disassembly instructions. This is a mammoth task because of the vast array of appliances that they encounter. As a result, the company equip their service teams with mobile devices.

Mobile Field Service Software Integration

As the leading technical content specialist, Infomill provides this company with parts and servicing information that is then distributed via mobile data connection to each engineer. In addition, Infomill also ensures that the most current data is available at the point of need by continuously optimizing the data sent to the technicians.

Appliance information is constantly changing. Add to that the number of new models being released by manufacturers each year means that having accurate, up-to-date information is vital for the engineers to carry out their jobs quickly and safely. Currently, data on 55,000 different appliances is maintained by the Infomill data team, with new models being added on a daily basis.

Continuous Data Optimization is Crucial

With Infomill’s advanced technology solution, data changes are distributed in highly optimised daily deltas. This ensures that data traffic on the mobile network is kept to a minimum. Having daily delivery of data means that safety critical changes can be distributed to the engineers when it is needed.

“As with all service organizations, the driving factor is efficient service,” says Infomill CEO Jonathan Ralphs. “They need to ensure first-time fixes. If a service company are to do that, then they need the right information in the hands of their engineers. Infomill not only supplies them with this information, we ensure that it is continuously optimized through daily updates.”

Keeping customers happy is paramount for any service company in an increasingly competitive market. Thanks to Infomill’s services, they have been able to set themselves apart from the competition.

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