Infomill Celebrates 20 Years in Style


This year, Infomill is proud to announce the 20th anniversary of the company’s founding. And what better way to celebrate this exciting milestone than by thanking employees for their tireless effort and dedication to excellence? Employees were treated to a fun-filled day of clay pigeon shooting, archery, hovercrafting and a falconry exhibit at Yeaveley Estate in Ashbourne.


Most people found piloting the hovercraft particularly challenging. Getting a good score meant control and weight distribution and less gung-ho full throttle action. High score of the day went to Jonny, Infomill’s VP Data Services, whose cautious approach paid off with the least number of faults on the tricky obstacle course.

Neil, who joined Infomill as a software engineer in 1998, found a natural flair for shooting, bagging the highest score of the day despite having never used a shotgun before. He put the more experienced shooters to shame, dropping only 3 marks out of a possible 24.

Lunch was nothing short of a feast, with Yeaveley’s kitchen serving up lamb, salmon, and chicken fresh off the barbecue. Employees grabbed a cold beer or a cup of tea and relaxed out on the lawn in the rare British sun.

The day ended with a 2 hour interactive falconry display which most agreed was the highlight of the event. Most falconry displays stop at just having birds sit on a gloved hand, but this exhibit went one further with the team being encouraged to have birds fly to them.

The day out was a fantastic way to give back to employees, while also proving Infomill isn’t all work, work, work!