Does Your Business Depend Too Much on Online Access?

What happens when your field service technicians can’t get online?

Even in 2019, it can happen. You might be working in a remote area or underground, where you can’t get a signal. Some organizations won’t allow online access while you’re on-site, even if you do have a signal.

Hospitals are a great example of this. Technicians that service medical equipment are often asked to put their device into flight mode. In these situations, downtime is critical. A broken MRI scanner can literally impact the health of the nation. Your client needs an immediate fix and will measure your performance accordingly.

It’s no secret that poor access to technical information can be detrimental to your KPIs.

We rely heavily on that signal for so much, don’t we?

Sure, there are workarounds.

Technical manuals and parts lists could be saved as PDFs on the device, but storage space might be an issue. The technician could decide to carry paper manuals, but that seems cumbersome. Plus, PDFs and paper manuals still require technicians to search through hundreds (or hundreds of thousands!!!) of pages of information to find the answers they need. Some technicians try to anticipate the likely fault ahead of the site visit, but if an unforeseen problem arises, they’re stuck.

Bottom line is that none of these solutions is efficient and all negatively impacts up-times and service costs. Offline access is the ultimate solution.

Did you know that AnswersAnywhere works offline? Wherever you’re working, whatever the signal, you’ll have immediate access to all your knowledge and data. All in one place, available all the time.

Implementing digital knowledge management is not a quick fix, but it is a robust and long-term investment in the future of your business. And that’s why proactive organizations are talking to us about how to revolutionize their mobile knowledge management.

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