The Cost of Doing Nothing (It’s higher than you think!)

Knowledge management is a hot topic in the field service industry right now. Most companies recognize that their field service engineers and customer support staff need better access to technical information. However, very few companies realize how much of a priority knowledge management is.

We’ve put together this Cost Analysis Calculator to demonstrate how much inefficient knowledge management is costing your organization. Simply fill out the blue column with your company’s data (an estimate is ok!) and the green column will calculator the amount of money your organization wastes each year by not doing anything.

The amount is pretty expensive, even for large corporations. To put it simply, you can’t afford NOT to use AnswersAnywhere!

Modifiable Input

Total Field Service Engineers (FSE).

Average number of field service calls per day.

Average length of FSE onsite service call in minutes.

Average number of days worked per month per FSE.

Minutes saved per FSE dispatch service call as a result of AnswersAnywhere.

Fully loaded average hourly cost of a FSE.



Total Monthly FSE minutes at customer sites without AnswersAnywhere

FSE minutes saved per month with AnswersAnywhere

FSE hours saved per month with AnswersAnywhere

FSE hours saved per year with AnswersAnywhere

FSE Cost Savings as a result of AnswersAnywhere

FSE Cost Savings Value

FSE average hourly cost × Hours Saved Per Month = Monthly FSE Cost Savings Value

FSE Average Hourly Cost × Hours Saved Per Year = Yearly FSE Cost Savings Value

Interested in a more detailed analysis?