Case Study: BUNN Arms On-Site Engineers with Off-line Interactive Technical Data

When beverage equipment company BUNN realized they needed to provide their field service engineers with direct access to information in order to increase field service efficiency, and strengthen their reputation of exceptional post-product support via BUNNserve, they turned to AnswersAnywhere to deliver a custom, mobile product knowledge base.


Is Your Knowledge Management Strategy Preparing You for Life After COVID-19?

COVID-19 is rapidly accelerating digital transformation for service organizations, and knowledge management is playing an enormous part. Companies will need to rely heavily on third-party contractors, and all engineers — both third-party and employees — will need to limit contact onsite by completing the fix the first time and as quickly as possible. In addition, the forecasted economic downturn brought on by the pandemic is creating intense pressure within service organizations to reduce costs and increase profitability.

In a guest blog for ServiceMax, AnswersAnywhere VP Bo Wandell discusses how companies can provide the digital training and deeper knowledge that engineers need onsite to improve accuracy and efficiency, while also reducing cost pressures.


How Knowledge Tools Can Help Recession-Proof Your Company

The word “recession” seems to be on everyone’s minds at the moment. While it is nearly impossible to predict the exact timing of an economic recession, most experts agree that, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there is one in the near future. With the threat of a recession looming, it might be tempting for your organization to cut corners and pinch pennies. It’s always a good idea to routinely examine and curtail costs, but now is the time to be on the offensive, not the defensive.

In a guest blog for the Service Council, AnswersAnywhere Vice President Bo Wandell explores why knowledge management is one of the best recession-proofing tools for field service organizations.


White Paper: Knowledge = Field Service Profits

Like never before, field service organizations are being recognized as a source of valuable recurring revenues and profits. At the same time, field service managers are being buffeted by the winds of change—demographic and technological—that are driving renewed interest in knowledge management strategies.

This joint white paper from AnswersAnywhere and ServiceMax will provide some insights into launching a knowledge management initiative and building a financial case for investing in a knowledge solution to help you cope with the winds of change.



AnswersAnywhere to Highlight Powerful New Analytics Feature as Lead Sponsor of Field Service Medical 2020

San Diego, CA – AnswersAnywhere, the leading global provider of knowledge delivery solutions for field service organizations, will return as a lead sponsor for Field Service Medical 2020, the only peer-led conference for medical device leaders in customer care, service, and support.

At the conference, which takes place in San Diego, CA on February 24-26, AnswersAnywhere will be highlighting Data Insights, a new product and journey analytics feature. Data Insights allows field service organizations to easily access product, knowledge and user data, perform predictive analytics and gain a deeper understanding into service calls to make more informed business decisions.

According to Bo Wandell, Vice President of AnswersAnywhere, Data Insights will help users identify the behaviors that contribute to achieving Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) like first time fix rates and mean time to repair. Additionally, by having a complete picture of user journeys, executives will be better equipped to address the field service talent gap through targeted training and resources.

“Executives need rich, real-time, actionable data to make the most informed decisions for their field service organization,” Wandell said. “AnswersAnywhere Data Insights will allow field service managers to better allocate resources and forecast trends, as well as identify knowledge gaps and areas where additional support or education is required.”

As an example, Wandell said that Data Insights could uncover that the top 20% best performing field service engineers are also the most frequent users of exploded product diagrams and parts lists, how-to videos or other servicing documentation in a company’s field service knowledge base. Wandell said, “Armed with this unique insight, a field service executive now has a roadmap to make the remaining 80% of his field service staff more efficient.”

Tracing a field service engineers’ knowledge base journey while working on a piece of challenging equipment, according to Wandell, will provide insights that are not available anywhere else in a company’s field service ecosystem. He said, “If you have a product model that has a low first-time fix rate or a high instance of incorrect parts orders, our Data Insights solution would allow you to follow service engineers’ path to resolution either in the aggregate or individually. By determining where the break down in knowledge delivery exists, the knowledge base can be enhanced to deliver new solutions that will drive efficiency.”

“Another example is if you have a certain product model that has a low first-time fix rate or high instance of incorrect parts orders. Imagine being able to trace your field service engineers’ knowledge base journey while working on that piece of equipment? You would be able to draw some pretty powerful conclusions about what type of supporting information or additional knowledge they need in order to increase efficiency and accuracy for that model.”

The AnswersAnywhere Data Insights feature is available to all AnswersAnywhere knowledge base customers. Attendees of Field Service Medical 2020 are invited to stop by booth #203 in the Exhibit Hall for a demonstration.

About AnswersAnywhere:
Unlike traditional knowledge management software solutions, AnswersAnywhere is a complete outsourced knowledge service that includes the people, process and technology required to transform disparate parts and technical information into a mobilized, online/offline knowledge base. AnswersAnywhere knowledge experts convert, deliver and continuously update parts and product knowledge for use by field service engineers and technical support representatives.

The types of source information that AnswersAnywhere knowledge experts convert into usable, interactive knowledge bases includes FAQs, parts lists, installation and service manuals, schematic drawings, exploded diagrams, product descriptions and alerts, safety notices, database output, images, videos and MS Word and PDF documents.

AnswersAnywhere integrates with leading field service management platforms, including ServiceMax and Salesforce Field Service Lightning. Our knowledge experts have created and manage technical product knowledge bases for over 200 companies. For more information, visit