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Field Service Management Systems

Topics like IoT and augmented reality are becoming synonymous with the future of field service. There is no doubt that new technology will play a key role in field service efficiency as we move away from the traditional break/fix model and towards a predictive, service-based one. However, investing in and making the transition to new technology can be difficult and time consuming, particularly when resources are still required to maintain current and legacy equipment.

Equipment manufacturers worldwide realize the value of streamlining field service operations. Not only can it save money and increase field service efficiency, but it will improve their competitive position by increasing customer satisfaction and therefore improving the chances of future sales. These are two of the main reasons that equipment manufacturers are adopting Field Service Management (FSM) systems.

The time and money saved through more efficient field service operations can be invested in accelerating time to market for new products and services, providing the opportunity for manufacturers to increase their marketshare with future technologies.

All FSMs promise to deliver efficiencies in field service processes and management. But few, if any, assist the Field Service Engineer (FSE) in actually fixing the problem. And this, after all, is why the FSE was dispatched in the first place.

Knowledge Management Software

Infomill has found one way to address this issue through their solution AnswersAnywhere. AnswersAnywhere works by transforming current and legacy technical documents and information into modern Intelligent Service Assistants and creates an Active Knowledgebase that aids the FSE in quickly diagnosing problems. It also automates the process and accuracy of ordering parts.

AnswersAnywhere acts as a companion to existing FSM solutions delivering on-site time savings and fewer return visits due to errors in parts ordering. The resulting savings in time and costs increases customer satisfaction and allows the equipment manufacturer to concentrate on getting new and improved products to market faster.