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Field Service Management Software – Seeing is Believing


The new AnswersAnywhere video, created by Derby-based creative design agency Fluid Ideas, provides viewers with a better understanding of the powerful Knowledge-as-a-Service solution. By providing insight into the AnswersAnywhere process of transforming customers’ existing technical information, as well as giving a brief demonstration of how the solution works, the video clearly illustrates the many benefits AnswersAnywhere provides customers.


Create a Knowledge Base – Use Anytime, Anywhere

How exactly does AnswersAnywhere work?

Infomill’s knowledge engineers work with the organization to draw both legacy and new information from sources such as PDFs, databases, product manuals, CAD drawings, parts lists, break & fix solutions and exploded diagrams. This information is then developed into unique and interactive software that can be made available to any mobile device, using any browser. Currently updating more than 100,000 parts daily, Infomill has the capability to ensure that the knowledge solution is kept entirely current and accurate. Coupled with the fact that AnswersAnywhere can integrate with leading field service management systems, this is a incredible solution to take notice of.


Proven results

AnswersAnywhere increases first time fix rates by an average of 19%, saving $50,000 per year, per technician by delivering continuously optimized break/fix and parts knowledge online or offline, accelerating fault diagnosis and resolution, streamlining parts ordering, shortening field visits, increasing customer satisfaction and profitability for field service organizations.

Visit AnswersAnywhere to find out more about mobile knowledge management that is purpose-built for field service.


AnswersAnywhere Integrates with ServiceMax to Empower Field Service Technicians

Infomill Integrates AnswersAnywhere with ServiceMax, from GE Digital, to Empower Field Service Technicians with Knowledge-as-a-Service Solution

Infomill, a leading global provider of field service knowledge management, today announced its Partner Certification and integration with ServiceMax, a leader in field service management. The partnership enables GE Digital to offer AnswersAnywhere, Infomill’s knowledge-as-a-Service (KaaS) solution, to its ServiceMax field service customers worldwide.

Already in use by over 50,000 technicians globally, AnswersAnywhere combines people, process and technology to convert, deliver and continuously optimize the knowledge required for field service organizations to increase customer satisfaction, shorten field visits and drive efficiency, accuracy and profitability. Types of knowledge that Infomill knowledge experts convert include hard copy and PDF documents, service manuals, schematic drawings, exploded diagrams, part lists, product descriptions and alerts, database output, images and videos.

ServiceMax is a comprehensive, cloud-based, and mobile field service solution that manages the service delivery end-to-end process. By integrating AnswersAnywhere, service technicians will be provided with online and offline access to the decision-making information they need without navigating away from ServiceMax or researching solutions through hundreds or thousands of pages of documents and databases.

AnswersAnywhere is accessed via a “Find Answers” button on a ServiceMax work order. For the first time, a technician will be able to search through large and complex amounts of information to quickly find the break/fix, installation and service answers they need, as well as identify, locate and add parts to a work order.

Jonathan Skelding, VP of Global Alliances at ServiceMax, said of the partnership, “Infomill’s unique KaaS solution, AnswersAnywhere, is a valuable tool that empowers field service technicians with the critical knowledge that they have so far been lacking when onsite with a customer. By combining a number of disparate data sources into a single, normalized, interactive, mobile knowledge base, AnswersAnywhere adds important value to the ServiceMax platform. Providing service technicians with mobile access to maintenance, installation and troubleshooting knowledge means they can complete service visits faster and more profitably.”

Mobile Service Management for Field Service Technicians

Bo Wandell, VP of Sales and Business Strategy at Infomill, said, “A lot of field service technicians suffer from a knowledge gap when onsite with a customer. In many cases, the required knowledge is locked up in silos of disparate information sources back at headquarters. AnswersAnywhere unlocks that knowledge by delivering valuable and searchable information to the technicians’ mobile device of choice both online and offline. As a result of the integration between AnswersAnywhere and ServiceMax, technicians will have all of the information they need to improve key performance indicators such as first-time fix rates, mean time to repair, and customer satisfaction.”

Infomill will be an exhibiting sponsor at the ServiceMax Maximize event in Las Vegas, NV on September 18th – 20th, 2017 and the Field Service Fall event in Amelia Island, FL on September 25th – 27th, 2017.

Knowledge Base Solution for the Field Service Industry

About Infomill: Built on innovation and agility, Infomill has dedicated 20 years repurposing data to create revolutionary aftermarket production support tools that reduce repeat service visits and drive up customer satisfaction for field service organizations. Infomill has a pedigree of successful aftermarket information projects with multi-national companies in HVAC, aerospace, mass transit, materials handling and other knowledge-critical sectors. Infomill is located in Derby, UK and Seattle, USA.

For further information about Infomill and AnswersAnywhere, visit or contact the US office: telephone 206-850-8503 or email


2017: A Year of Field Service Knowledge Innovation

January 1st is right around the corner! Infomill has already started looking ahead at 2018 and excited for what the next year has in store for our solutions, AnswersAnywhere and PartsArena. But we don’t want to wish away 2017 too quickly. It’s been a year of Field Service Knowledge innovation here at Infomill, and we couldn’t be more pleased or proud with all we’ve accomplished.

Infomill’s Knowledge Management System Named an IDC Innovator

In October, Infomill was recognized as one of four IDC Innovators in the field service market. We were delighted to be chosen for AnswersAnywhere, our Knowledge-as-a-Service which combines people, process and technology to convert, deliver and continuously optimize the knowledge required for field service organizations to increase customer satisfaction, shorten field visits and drive efficiency, accuracy and profitability.

The report, “IDC Innovators: Field Service for Manufacturing 2017” profiles emerging field service vendors who specialize in manufacturing and offer innovative technology, a ground-breaking new business model or both.

ServiceMax Partner Certification Completion of Knowledge Management System

Infomill announced in September its Partner Certification and integration with ServiceMax, a leader in field service management. The partnership enables GE Digital to offer AnswersAnywhere to its ServiceMax field service customers worldwide. The integration will empower field service technicians by providing them with online and offline access to the decision-making information they need without navigating away from ServiceMax or researching solutions through hundreds or thousands of pages of documents and databases.

Integration was our Word of the Year

Infomill formed many strategic partnerships over the course of the year, completing integrations with several field service management software companies and our mobile knowledge solutions. Driven by the need to reduce costs and provide excellent customer service, service organizations are increasingly recognizing integrated software solutions as the key to revenue growth, customer satisfaction and competitive differentiation.

Proud Sponsors at Field Service Fall

We were very pleased to announce our sponsorship and presence at Field Service Fall this year. The service and support conference was held this September at the stunning Amelia Island Plantation in Florida. Over the course of 3 days, we gained insights into the common challenges and new trends emerging in the industry, while also connecting with others who share our passion for field service.

A New Face at Infomill

2017 started off with a bang as Infomill brought on board a new VP of Sales and Business Management to oversee the company’s expansion into North America. Bo Wandell brought with him a wealth of experiences, having held executive level positions with a number of technology companies ranging from start-ups to global enterprises.

Wandell says, “The interest Infomill and AnswersAnywhere attracted in the field service industry this past year has truly been exciting. I am looking forward to 2018 as we continue to forge strategic partnerships and help leading field service organizations deliver even higher levels of performance and profitability”.

We Must Be Doing Something Right!

In July, we released our new AnswersAnywhere video. To date, the video has received over 19,500 views on YouTube (we promise, those haven’t all been from Infomill employees). The two-minute animation provides insight into the AnswersAnywhere process of transforming customers’ existing technical information, as well as giving a brief demonstration of how the solution works. If you haven’t already, watch now for a better understanding of this powerful Knowledge-as-a-Service solution.

2017 has truly been a year of innovation and integration at Infomill. These are just a few of the many exciting accomplishments we’ve achieved this year. However, we’re not ones to rest on our laurels, and we are already looking ahead to the new year and how we can continue helping service organizations achieving their business goals through our Field Service Knowledge solutions. Stay tuned for some exciting announcements in 2018!

Webinar: Raise Field Service Productivity with an Integrated Knowledge and Inventory Solution

Raise Field Service Productivity with an Integrated Inventory and Knowledge Base Solution

Servicing medical devices in the field is unlike any other field service. Human lives and wellness depend on medical equipment uptime. To deliver fast First-Time fix rates, your field engineers need to have a detailed knowledge of complex installed equipment, troubleshooting techniques, replacement parts and their availability. Failure to deliver excellent service and lack of adherence to FDA regulations can result in missed SLAs, frustrated customers, penalties and, ultimately, less business for your company.

Mobile Field Service Knowledge

During this webinar, learn how your field service team can increase First-Time fix rates while improving customer satisfaction. You will hear Anna Startseva, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at ServiceMax and Bo Wandell, VP of Sales and Business Development at Infomill, discuss how a curated mobile knowledge base that is integrated with your field service and inventory management solution will help achieve and beat your field service KPIs.

In this webinar we discuss the benefits of knowledge management and show:

  • How leading Medical Equipment Manufacturers and Distributors outperform the competition
  • How to achieve productivity and customer experience objectives with digital tools
  • How an integrated solution from ServiceMax and AnswersAnywhere from Infomill delivers the right equipment and inventory knowledge at the right time so your field engineers can deliver flawless service
  • Demonstration of AnswersAnywhere

When it Comes to Servicing Medical Devices, is There a “Silver Bullet”?

The demands placed on the medical device field service industry are growing. New challenges emerge as the market grows increasingly competitive, a generation of technicians is retiring, new regulations are ushered in, and medical equipment grows more complex. The FDA, medical facilities, medical staff and patients are all calling upon service organizations to do more.

The question is how can medical device service organizations achieve compliance, set themselves apart from the competition, and provide support for the new generation of technicians, all while ensuring they are achieving maximum efficiency in the field?

Knowledge Management as the One Stop Source for Service Excellence

Increasingly, field service organizations are turning to knowledge management technology as the answer to their woes. It’s easy to see why: field service organizations that leverage knowledge management tools outperform their peers in key metrics such as SLA compliance and first-time fix rates. For medical staff and patients, this means shorter equipment downtimes and avoiding long wait times or delayed treatments.

Minimizing fix times and increasing customer satisfaction and retention are not the only benefits from implementing knowledge management. As every medical equipment company knows, the strict regulations and legal requirements employed by the FDA and MHRA that organizations are required to meet. Knowledge management helps organizations meet these strict regulations by ensuring installation and servicing documentation are available at all locations worldwide, and out of date documents are immediately removed to prevent unintended use.

Knowledge Loss and an Aging Workforce

In addition, knowledge management can capture the years of experience and expertise that an aging field service technician has built up over their career. In fact, knowledge management is the ONLY solution that will ensure the new generation has access to the knowledge and experiences of their predecessors, making it the most effective training tool an organization can have in its arsenal.

So, is knowledge management the magic “silver bullet” for field service excellence. Yes and no. It does come closer than any other tool to being a cure-all for what ails field service organizations. However, knowledge management is not a one-size-fits-all solution and organizations must ensure that it is useful and accessible to the entire field service team.

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Knowledge Management

According to a report released by Worldwide Business Research (WBR), 42% of organizations said the ability to empower technicians with access to specialized information is among the top challenges they face. This means that field service technicians have trouble getting access to the information they need to do their job efficiently and safely.

True Mobility is Key

Any technicians will tell you that connectivity is unreliable or unavailable while on site, particularly in locations such as hospitals and medical facilities. Because of this, many mobile knowledge solutions fail because they do not operate if they lose connection. When investing in a knowledge management system, an essential feature is that it is also available offline to ensure that your techs can access the information they need at the point of service, whether or not they’re able to connect to the internet.

Update, Update, Update

Having to continuously update, optimize and remove outdated information is a herculean task. However, it’s also extremely important not only to a technician’s job, but also in order to maintain compliance and help ensure patient safety.  A knowledge management system must have the capability to be updated frequently so technicians are getting the most current and reliable information available when on site.

Accessible, Searchable and Easy to Use

Any field service company that has been around for a few years will have an extensive amount of disparate documents, part lists, exploded diagrams, databases and product images totalling hundreds (even thousands!) of pages. Many companies attempt to remedy this issue by gathering as much of the data as they can and making it available to technicians in the form of PDFs.

However, the technician still has to search through this information to find what they want, often resulting in wasted time on site or repeat fixes. Technicians must be able to quickly find the information they need. If they can’t, then they aren’t going to use the knowledge base and all the added benefits mentioned above go out the window.


Audits are an essential part of the medical device industry. Companies need to know (and report) who has access to what and when, and their knowledge management system should be able to support them in this. For example, if there’s an important safety notice or update to a service manual, has it been read and accepted by the service tech? If so, is the organization able to provide evidence of this? By creating audit trails and collecting the records in a centralized location will keep everything easily accessible and transparent for review.

From Nice-to-Have to Necessity

As the medical device industry continues to evolve and customer expectations rise, knowledge management will be essential to tackling all workforce, competitive and regulatory challenges and delivering on customer and patient expectations. However, for it to truly be the field service “Silver Bullet”, organizations must ensure it is offline-capable, up-to-date and a useful tool that technicians will want to use.

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The 8 Biggest Knowledge Management Mistakes Revealed

Knowledge is power. But poor access to knowledge hampers productivity and can prove costly. How’s your knowledge management looking right now?

If it’s not benefiting your business, you need to do it better. Perhaps you’re planning some improvements? Apparently, 61% of field service executives are*.

Check whether you’re making any of the biggest knowledge management mistakes and learn how to gain more power from your knowledge.

Mistake 1: Insufficient vision

You might have a clear idea what sort of system would help your business now, but what about the future? As your operations and team grow, can that system expand to cope?

Think about the software you’re using. Ensure that it’s future-proof and expandable as far forward as you can see.

Any knowledge management system should take a long-term approach, otherwise you’ll be back to square one when your business grows, wondering how to manage things now.

Mistake 2: Lack of top-level buy-in

For a knowledge management system to be fully effective, it’s imperative that there’s a knowledge sharing culture – right from the very top. Key stakeholders need to understand the sheer impact that developing an efficient system can have – in terms of customer service, greater productivity and ultimately, the bottom line.

Mistake 3: Departments not collaborating

Don’t be fooled that knowledge management is the task of one department only; IT or customer service perhaps. All aspects of the organization need to collaborate to make it work. And all departments must benefit from it.

Mistake 4: Excess focus on knowledge collection

Whilst collection and transformation are key aspects of developing any form of knowledge management system – there’s more to it than that.

Not all knowledge is useful knowledge and it’s important to have a validation system in place, to ensure you’re sharing the knowledge that will truly make a difference.

After collection comes application – if you need specialist support at this point, it’s out there for you.

Mistake 5: Ignoring the user

If it doesn’t work for the user, it’s useless. So, get them involved from the start. In fact, ensure a team approach to the development of your system – all interested parties should contribute.

If you’re a field service organization, ask the technicians out in the field what they need and how it should best work for them. Ask them to review and test developments.

If your system is up and running, ask them for feedback – constantly. They will tell you how the system must develop to be at its most effective.

Mistake 6: Not making it mobile

This point is of particular importance to field service organizations. A larger proportion of your users are rarely in the office. And yet they need access to knowledge quickly, wherever they are working.

They will need technical information, diagrams and parts information. Don’t leave them phoning the office to gain this – the loss in productivity, not to mention the job frustration will be huge.

Technology makes it easy to develop a knowledge management system that can be accessed from any mobile device – even offline when no internet connection is available.

Mistake 7: Lack of training and education

Only by using a knowledge management system to its full potential will you maximize the benefits to the business. And that means training.

Older employees might need more time to get to grips with such a change, especially if it’s a piece of new software. Younger team members are likely to be far more embracing.

Whatever the make-up of your team, they need to understand what’s in it for them. How will it help them do their job better? Only then will they want to use it.

Mistake 8: Not keeping it up to date

Old data is of limited help – and could actually prompt more errors. Procedures must be in place to keep your knowledge management system updated – regularly.

Should specialist software be running your system, this will be easier. However, a bank of information stored on a shared drive will quickly become a monster, and dependent on the speed of information change, a vintage one at that.

Know how your system will be updated before you even start to create it.

What will you do with this information?

In today’s fast-moving world, the management and sharing of up-to-date knowledge can seem daunting. That’s why specialist companies exist to guide you through the process from start to finish.

If your system already exists, fix any of the mistakes you’re currently making. If you’re looking to scope out a new system, use the points to shape your project. And harness outside expertise to help you create a knowledge management system that will keep you on the front foot and deliver the best possible productivity.

* According to the Field Service USA 2018 Spend Report, 61% of field service executives are planning to invest in knowledge management tools within the next 24 months.

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